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Summer Fun/ Sun Rise/ DeVille Mixers theme

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Summer Fun/ Sun Rise/ DeVille Mixers theme

Postby Drdish007 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:10 am

These are three different pieces I did using Mixcraft.
- Summer Fun is jazz-rock piece with 3 electric guitar parts, Rhodes piano, B3 organ, and drum kit. I composed, and play the keyboard parts. My son played the drums, a friend plays the guitar parts. The organ goes thru a real Leslie, mic'd with 3 mic's, drums mic'd with 6 kit mic's and 2 overhead mic's.
- Sun Rise is an orchestrated music piece. I wanted to see what I could go with just 3 chords.
- DeVille Murders Theme is a piece I composed for a murder mystery play my son wrote. It has a mix of virtual instruments and hardware synths.

You can hear the pieces on my soundcloud page.
Thanks for listening, and comments.

- Myran
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