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General question : Zoom G5n into Zoom L-12 mixer

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General question : Zoom G5n into Zoom L-12 mixer

Postby FancyGoose » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:33 am

Hi everyone,

I'm still relatively new to recording, recently purchased Mixcraft 8.1, and now and wish to connect my Zoom G5n to my (also new!) Zoom L-12 mixer.

I think the Zoom G5n line outputs are balanced line level, so can I use, say, a typical 20-feet instrument cable (TS) into inputs on the mixer?

At first, I spontaneously went and grabbed my stereo direct box, but now i'm confused wether or not I need a DI box coming out of the Zoom G5n in order to send a balanced signal to the mixer?

At the moment, i'm using a 20-feet cable but eventually I might need a longer cable.

Like anything unfamiliar, it's a bit confusing :roll:

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