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Alternative Method for Recording MIDI Data from an Arpeggiator

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Alternative Method for Recording MIDI Data from an Arpeggiator

Postby CazaroTaro » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:23 am

Typically, when the subject of recording MIDI from an arpeggiator or chord generator comes up, the recommendation is to use LoopBE or LoopMIDI to route the MIDI data generated on the track with an arpeggiator or chord generator to a second track of Mixcraft where it is recorded.

An alternative is to use a utility called midiMonitor to record the MIDI data and save the data to a MIDI file on hard disk. The saved MIDI data is then loaded into Mixcraft using the ‘Add Sound File’ function. While a two step process, I find this is less involved than using a Loop utility, and has no observed latency. The midiMonitor program is available from VST4Free and comes in 32 and 64 bit versions:

The midiMonitor VST will appear as an Instrument VST in Mixcraft.

Using the midiMonitor utility is easy. Place midiMonitor after your MIDI generating VST and before your Instrument VST. See the Figure below.

Click on Clear to eliminate unwanted data. Create the MIDI data you want to save using your arpeggiator or other MIDI generating VST. You will see the MIDI data being recorded if the midiMonitor window is open. When done, click on save and enter your filename followed by .mid. Be sure to include .mid in your entry. I recommend unchecking the ‘thru’ box as shown. This eliminated some clicking and popping that occurred one time.

Lastly, load the recorded MIDI data file into Mixcraft onto the track and measure location of your desire using the ‘Add Sound File’ function.
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