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Problem with render to separate files

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Problem with render to separate files

Postby Mike2 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:06 am

This program is almost just what I need, but there's one issue.

Background - the only thing I want to do is to beatmatch songs so that they are the right tempo for exercising, and copy the separate files to my MP3 player. I don't want any fading, and I just want to save them back to separate files so I can manage getting them on my MP3 player myself. So I set up the DJ Fader dialogue box to DEselect "Cross Fade between songs", and I use the "render to file" dialogue box to DEselect "save as one large continuous file". And it saved all the songs to the new directory that I pointed it to.

The problem is that in each of the songs, at the very end, there is a little fade-in blurb of the "next" song in the order that they were in the DJTwist&Burn song list. But since I "shuffle" the songs on my MP3 player, naturally, it's the wrong song. But it's disconcerting when one song starts up for a second or so, then cuts to another song.

Is there any way to tell DJTwist&Burn to completely NOT fade-in the next song, so that each song is saved "clean" as a standalone song?

-=- Mike

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Acoustica Greg
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Postby Acoustica Greg » Wed Jan 03, 2007 4:44 pm


Try going into Preferences and turning off "Automatically remove silence at start and end of songs."


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