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Midi files exported from Propellerheads Record.

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Midi files exported from Propellerheads Record.

Postby lkingston » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:32 pm

Here is a problem that I would love to see fixed even though I have a workaround:

Pianissimo won't import midi files exported directly from Propellerheads Record. I can get around this by opening the midi file in quicktime then exporting it from quicktime. The midi file exported from Quicktime will play fine from Pianissimo.

Anyway, I love the sound of Pianissimo and I love working with Record, so what I find myself doing is recording my piano parts in Record, exporting the midi, re-exporting from quicktime, loading into Pianissimo, rendering to wav, then importing the wav into Propellerheads. A bunch of steps but well worth it in order to have the better Pianissimo piano.

Anyway, if somehow Pianissimo could be made to import the Propellerheads midi directly it would save steps from a process I will be doing many times. I would sure appreciate this if it is possible.

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Postby Acoustica Greg » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:27 pm


What happens when you try to import the Propellerheads MIDI file? Does it have a .mid extension?

If you like, you can send us one so we can check it out. Submit an Acoustica Support Request and attach the file.


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Postby lkingston » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:58 am

I submitted a report along with the problem midi files. Yes the midi files do have the .mid extension. When I try to open a Propellerheads midi file in Pianissimo nothing happens. I don't get the dialog that asks me which tracks I want to import and nothing is imported.

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Postby lkingston » Sat May 01, 2010 10:25 pm

OK, it turns out that the problem is that neither Pianissimo nor Mixcraft will currently read midi files that have only 96 ppqn (parts per quarter note). Unfortunately this is the way that Propellerheads software exports it's midi files. When I load a Propellerheads midi file into Quicktime Pro and export it again it must be change the 96 ppqn to some higher number that Acoustica software will recognize properly.

Unfortunately, while there is an upcoming update to Mixcraft which will probably add this PPQN bug to the fix list, there is no update planned for Pianissimo.

My opinion is that there are currently two problems with Pianissimo:

1/ Pianissimo is slightly sharp in pitch.
2/ Pianissimo won't recognize midi files with 96 PPQN like those from Propellerheads Reason or Record software.

My guess is that if there was a lot of discussion about this in this forum and many others chimed in and noted how much they would love for Pianissimo to have an update that fixed these two problems, it might be more likely to actually happen. My understanding is that there is currently no new updates in the works for Pianissimo. Maybe a bit of gentle and friendly pressure here might change that.

I love Pianissimo but find these two issues quite frustrating. They get in the way of me using Pianissimo as my go to piano.

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