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Voice Synthesis

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Voice Synthesis

Postby dpaterson » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:38 am

Hi folks.

Does anybody know of a plugin or software application (or if this is even possible) that would allow for one to "alter" one's voice (recorded or live but live being more important) to sound like or mimic somebody else i.e. to sound like or mimic another (known) artist / vocalist???


I thought I should just add this i.e. I'm not talking about editing the vocals for "correctness" e.g. editing pitch or mistakes or anything like that (as can be done with Melodyne for example). In other words: assuming the vocals are pitch, note, accent, and pronunciation perfect is there any way to simply make these same vocals sounds like or mimic another vocalist.


Anyone think it possible for one vocalist to actually train their voice to sound like another??? Yeh I know: anything is possible (or is it???).



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Re: Voice Synthesis

Postby Toppazy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:35 am

Well, there's not automatic "make me sound like somebody else" option, otherwise I could have a great career as a vocalist!
Seriously, your best bet is to try and imitate the style you want--phrasing, pronunciation, etc.. as best as you can. Then you can use tools like the Pitch Changer in Effects/Time and pitch to alter your voice into the same vocal range as the person you're imitating. Also, creative use of EQ can make you sound quite different. Finally, listen carefully to the recording you're trying to imitate and try to copy things like the amount of reverb used, compression, etc. :D

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Re: Voice Synthesis

Postby andyjo » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:15 am

I agree with the answer below and I also consider you have to practice on pronunciation and some details. The voice you can adjust later. Just try to listen to the song many-many times.

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Re: Voice Synthesis

Postby dpaterson » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:20 am

Hello everyone.

Thanks for the responses (I was beginning to think that nobody ever visited this part of the forums!!! LOL!!!).

Thanks (as I say) for the responses.

otherwise I could have a great career as a vocalist!

Too funny. And true. That being said: I'm making the assumption that the said vocalist can at very least sing!!!

Yip. The pronunciation and phrasing and stuff would be 100% (in theory) but one would still be able to tell that it's not the "original" vocalist so I was just wondering if there were some or the other plugin that could be used to make some changes. And to make it even more difficult: I'm taking about a live environment / performance i.e. not just for recording purposes. Problem is: I'm not just trying to cover a particular vocalist. The vocalist in question has a voice like no other. Many have tried but only possibly one has even come close (and I cannot afford him!!! LOL!!!).



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