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IntelliScore Ensemble

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IntelliScore Ensemble

Postby Douw » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:59 am

Hi, I recently bought a software program called intelliScore Ensemble. This software program coverts any audio files, as well as audio on cd to midi.(It is expensive)

Is there any Mixcraft users out there that knows something about this software?

Actually it is very easy to use ( making use of a wizard).

My problem is that when i converted an audio file to midi, ( single track OR multi track), It sounds terrible. Sounds like nothing is in sync. They also provided a software program for midi editing called Anvil Studio. I would rather prefer Mixcraft midi editing.

I bought this program for the sole purpose to create backing tracks.

Please let me know if there is anyone who can assist me with this problem.

Kind regards

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Re: IntelliScore Ensemble

Postby mick » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:06 am

Don't know a thing about Intelliscore but I have Photoscore light that comes with Sibelius and its very hit and miss. It needs a lot of assistance from the user to clean up the results where timing, notes and ties and other stuff is all over the place. Its purpose is to scan notation for Sibelius to read and convert to midi but I find its easier to simply re-rite the whole thing but don't use it anyway.
These "magic" programs (contrary to manufacturers claims) always seem to need some user input, Melodyne (the full version) is the same, it cannot do what a human can do with the finer details so I suspect Intelliscore will need help also.
Did you come across the timing feature during processing because this is all I can think of that may be relevant?
Sorry but this is all I've got.

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