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Virtual MIDI Devices and Mixcraft

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:44 am
by Anorax
Hey all,

I have a few issues with virtual MIDI routing that I feel need to be addressed, and this heavily focuses on the use of MIDI loopback tools such as loopMIDI (as well as rtpMIDI, which I'm using to send MIDI between adjacent computers via network, but loopMIDI is the engine responsible for getting MIDI to and from rtpMIDI).

In Mixcraft, the default behavior for MIDI is to automatically send MIDI from any and all MIDI input devices to whatever track is currently selected (if I say "attention/attentioned," assume I mean select/selected - we're working in Pro Tools in one of my classes and "attention" is the word Avid uses). This works just fine normally, but the problem occurs when a MIDI loop software is involved - if Mixcraft is sending MIDI from the arrangement area or performance panel to a virtual MIDI device (loopMIDI), feedback can occur if I accidentally attention the track that's sending MIDI.

Found this out when working with a drum loop - started playing the loop with loopMIDI as the "instrument" (which would then send the MIDI to the other computer over RTP), but caught feedback as triggering the clip in performance panel attentioned the track that was sending MIDI. Therefore, triggering Performance Panel clip on Track 1 > loopMIDI MIDI device > Track 1 MIDI input > loopMIDI MIDI device > repeat ad nauseam. Thankfully loopMIDI mutes MIDI devices that are feeding back, but not before 541,000 Note ON messages are sent to the local VST and remote device.

My question is this: can it be possible in future versions of Mixcraft to designate a MIDI device as MIDI-IN or MIDI-OUT only? This way it would be easier for someone to avoid accidental MIDI feedback that could blow a speaker when using MIDI loop software without having to set the arm device for every single track just to avoid feedback.

If anyone's confused, I can scrape together screenshots and/or diagrams to help explain myself; I know I tend to be a bit verbose at times.

Re: Virtual MIDI Devices and Mixcraft

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:53 am
by Mark Bliss
Explained well enough for me to understand, and when it comes to MIDI routing, that's an accomplishment. 8)