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Another hard to describe problem with midi vst playbackI am afraid...

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Another hard to describe problem with midi vst playbackI am afraid...

Postby tatanka » Sun Aug 04, 2019 1:49 pm

First I thought this was only when using Jamstix in midi jam mode but now I realized with routing midi to another track its the same problem with evry vst I use for this.

The problem:

- a midi virtuel instrument, like drum plug Jamstix for example, has no midi clip on it cause it generates midi directly inside the vst (jamstix for example does this by jamming to the existing midi tracks) and puts out audio
- now if I have the instrument panel (piano button on the track) OPEN evrything is fine, the instrument plays back together with the other tracks
- but as soon as it is NOT opened the track does not playback automatically with the other tracks but stays kind of "muted", quiet, whatever

I realized before that Captain plugins for example wont playback if there is not at least ONE midi clip in the arrangement on ANY track.

Same happening now with midi routing to another track, if the instrument panel (clicking on the piano button) is not open, nothing to hear.

Is there any trick/solution for this ? I tried so far with trying to keep that panel open but now that it is more then one and when you have no drums on the exported audio after 7 minutes of rendering an ambient track...

Sigh, I really hope you get what I mean, kind of complex and hard to describe but maybe someone else has same problem before.

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