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How to make a midi track from a real kick drum track?

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How to make a midi track from a real kick drum track?

Postby Lelik69 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:18 am

Maybe I'm not using a proper jargon, but I hope that what I'm looking for is clear and maybe not that difficult.
I have a live multitrack recording including a kick drum mic track (with some bleed of the other instruments but the main bass drum notes are much more powerful).
I'd like to replace this bad sounding track with a separate midi track using EZdrummer2.
Is there any video tutorial showing how to do it? I mean I'd like to use the original kick drum track to trigger a separate drum sound.
I know there are some paid vst (like Drumagog) that makes just this job, but I'd like something that is free or to learn a method to perform this task, and I'll appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.

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Re: How to make a midi track from a real kick drum track?

Postby GovernmentMule » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:46 am

Check out pages 97 to 100 in the manual. Basically you will be creating hit transients of the kick drum and then creating a midi loop. How good it comes out depends on the audio. If there is a lot of bleed thru of the other instruments it may not perform this function to good. You can use an equalizer and maybe a gate to make the kick stand out more and subdue the bleed from the other instruments.

Do you have Melodyne that came with Mixcraft or an upgraded version. The upgraded versions can create midi from the kick drum track.
You can try to replace the kick drum with another sample with Melodyne, but I'm not sure you can do it with the version that comes with Mixcraft like in this video. I have an upgraded version.

There is an app called ApTrigga3 which will replace the kick drum with another sample but not midi. You can use the demo but after five minutes it starts to induce noise.

I do not know of any other free ways to do it.

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Re: How to make a midi track from a real kick drum track?

Postby Mark Bliss » Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:26 am

Good tips. But I am wondering what exactly is "wrong" with the "bad sounding" kick in the first place?
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