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Minor Issues

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Minor Issues

Postby sjoens » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:29 pm

A few issues I've noticed using Pianissimo...

1. Both 32 & 64 bit vsti's installed with Mixcraft make a fuzzy distortion when using Cathedral reverb. The 32 bit standalone and it's vsti, installed separately from Mixcraft, sound fine. The standalone vsti has an older date stamp so they are different files.

My solution was to replace the default DLL's with the standalone DLL. It's 32 bit but seems to work fine with 64 bit DAWs.

2. There's a very high pitched frequency from at least one note that seems to come from the sampled sound itself.

3. Some minor keys (the black ones) are more sensitive and play overly loud when playing chords or finger runs. More noticeable when higher EQ is used. Setting the Velocity Curve to Heavy helps a little.
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