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Postby TheHound » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:20 am

I'm not certain as to how to ask this question other that to ask, what are they for? I noticed them by accident when I recorded on a track that I had already recorded on.

Are they for sub mixes?

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Re: Lanes???

Postby freightgod » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:17 am

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Re: Lanes???

Postby Rski » Wed Nov 14, 2018 4:02 pm

Take lanes are great for workflow.
Imagine during recording your having a great time laying down tracks, but sometimes during a creative moment
we make a flub, when a musical inspiration is flowing. Maybe the first portion of a track while soloing is spot on then for some reason we fall out of place, musically speaking (flub)
The beauty of a take lane, place the program pointer in some region before the flub, hit record, the take lane will record your continuation, no need to start another track, and assign input. The cool thing about digital, the overlap of the original track can be notched back or the take lane can notched forward, until the two lanes dont musically conflict with each other.
Then during mix down, the track volume and panning are in control, rather than messing with an additional track volume or panning.
Usually I use take lanes for multiple takes, especially when doing a lead take, decide later, what take is a keeper

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Re: Lanes???

Postby Acoustica Greg » Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:43 pm


Lanes can also be used with multi-timbral instruments like Kontakt to have different instruments on the same track.

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Re: Lanes???

Postby Ian Craig » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:18 pm

There are video lanes also. They are very useful for organising video sections
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Re: Lanes???

Postby TheHound » Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:09 am

Thanks for all the replies. Maybe I can make use of this feature now.

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