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Replacing Nero Burning Rom/Audio Essentials

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Replacing Nero Burning Rom/Audio Essentials

Postby RobinP63 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:10 pm

I am looking for a replacement for Nero (version 6/7) as I have recently upgraded from XP to Windows 7. I am looking beyond Nero products as I know they are not backwards compatible for file accessing. I have an extensive database of Burnt (music) CD file (.nra extensions) where there has been editing of individual tracks (so as to remove intro/outro silence) and for some CDs which are 90 minutes in length.

I have downloaded a trial version of MP3 CD Burner and this appears to have many of the features I am looking for. It has a degree of success in reading NRA files but does not read any of the editing info, just the track location. Utilising the the fade in/fade out facility in appears to replace this functionality without the precision of the Nero editing pane. The overlaps, trims and fades option however does not appear to make 'permanent' changes in the length of the track - Nero adds an asterisk to an edited track. This leaves overall Burn length at the original unedited length.

More critically there appears to be no feature to burn a 90 minute CD. These are easily purchased on High Streets in the UK. In a test 'Burn CD' with a 90 min track list I was not going to be allowed to burn the material even though the hardware will allow it.

Is my functionality reduced because I am using the trial version or is i) a live update of the list/track length is not available and ii) support for easily available media also unavailable.

In the event either of these remains unsatisfactorily resolved is there a product (free or paid for) which will meet my needs?

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Re: Replacing Nero Burning Rom/Audio Essentials

Postby Acoustica Eric » Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:59 pm

80 minutes is as high as I can see that is available

The trial version is not disabled in any way, it's just time limited.

The software does show a live update of the track list as you add songs.

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