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Postby dimitreze » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:41 pm

the ideal way is try to record the track with less effects and tricks that you need to do later. record almost exactly the way that will appear later.
so the level of the volume in the track must be always in the middle. the level can't be high up so you see just a line and cant' be down there that you only see a very tiny wave. must be in the middle. so you don't have to lower the volume of the track down or put up, losing in quality.
when I record something, the sensibility of my microfone is 8%. That's the ideal volume to my recordings. if you recording something that can have the volume louder, like a organ, you put the volume of the instrument higher and the sensibility of the recording even lower. this way you will have a bright sound and almost zero noises from around.
remeber, the volume must be always in the middle.

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