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M-audio Delta Drivers in Win 7

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M-audio Delta Drivers in Win 7

Postby botface » Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:32 am

I'm an XP user and have been looking into migrating to Win 7. I saw this post from Acoustica Eric a couple of weeks ago in another thread :

I was a stubborn XP user for a very long time, and only as recent as 6 months ago did I do away with XP for my main studio computer and start using windows 7. The reason I wouldn't do it before is that my m-audio delta1010LT cards were buggy in windows 7, but that is m-audio's fault and now I have presonus FP10's which work great

That worried me as I have a M-audio Delta 66, which I believe uses the same generic Delta series drivers, so I sought more information. Eric has not answered so I thought I'd raise it again in case anyone else can give me any information (also it might be of interest to others).

So, are the Delta Series Drivers "buggy" in Win7 or can I safely go ahead and upgrade?

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Re: M-audio Delta Drivers in Win 7

Postby Raidx » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:24 am

Of course you can upgrade...
Drivers are fine and got updated many times... lasty update was made in 2012 so it is not like they left it in a beta state.

Xp is dead time to move on

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