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Mixcraft Pro 6 questions...

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He Who Walks Behind
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Mixcraft Pro 6 questions...

Postby He Who Walks Behind » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:00 am

Will be moving from Mac back to PC in a month or so and need a new DAW. Very interested in Mixcraft Pro Studio 6. I do have a slew of questions though and I'd appreciate any input. :D

1) Currently, Mixcraft is a 32-bit program, correct? Is a 64-bit version in the works for the future, i.e., say, in Mixcraft 7 in a year or so? (My new PC will have 8 GB RAM and I understand 32-bit apps are limited to using a maximum of 4 -closer to 3.25, actually- GB of available RAM. Be nice to eventually tap into all the RAM.)

2) I know Mixcraft has support for third party VSTis and effects. Wondering if anyone is using the following in Mixcraft, and would share their results:

- "Komplete 8" from Native Instruments (Will be using Kontakt 5 and Guitar Rig 5 the most)

-"EZ Drummer" and "Superior Drummer" from Toontrack

-"Total Workstation Bundle 2" from IK Multimedia

Are the above instruments and effects working reasonably well for you in Mixcraft?

3) This seems a silly question in the 21st century, but can Mixcraft import and export MIDI files? (I use a lot of MIDI-based material. Some gets replaced later with live instruments, some gets rendered to audio and pretends to be a live instrument. :lol: Like to retain all my MIDI data in case I need to alter something later.)

Comments, suggestions, input, advise, dirty jokes and so forth are welcome. 8)

Vibrant Audio
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Re: Mixcraft Pro 6 questions...

Postby Vibrant Audio » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:32 am

Mixcraft is 32-bit. The developers aren't working on Mixcraft 7 yet, but a rough estimate for a new release is "sometime next year." They take user suggestions seriously and there are quite a few requests for 64-bit, so we'll see.

I use Kontakt 5 alot. I use EZDrummer quite a bit. I've used Guitar Rig. I use IK Multimedia's Amplitube 3 and TRacks occasionally. No problems at all. In fact, I've tested tons of 32-bit vst's over the years and have found that unless there's bad code in the vst, they ALL work well in Mixcraft.

Midi imports and exports without issue for me.

You can download the Mixcraft 6 trial here. After a few weeks you can't save or mix down with the trial anymore, but up until then it's fully functional.
*Vibrant Audio*

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Re: Mixcraft Pro 6 questions...

Postby chibear » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:47 am

Hi, and welcome back to the PC world :wink:

to add to vibrant's reply:

1. THe Acoustica guys have stated that Mixcraft will eventually go to 64 bit. When they do not say.

In the meantime you can use 64bit VSTs and take advantage of the extra RAM 64 bit can access. There are 2 ways I know of: One is through VE Pro (<>$300 if I remember right), the other is through bitwrappers like jBridge (<>$20) which I use. It is a bit quirky but works. I'm keeping a record of my experiences here:

2. Search this forum for EZ Drummer and Komplete. I know they have been mentioned but can't remember what the topics were. I use Kontakt, Sample Tank, and Miroslav Philharmonik and all work fine.
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He Who Walks Behind
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Re: Mixcraft Pro 6 questions...

Postby He Who Walks Behind » Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:38 pm

@ Vibrant Audio & chibear:

Appreciate the replies. :)

Vibrant Audio wrote:...They take user suggestions seriously...

I've been lurking for a couple months and that was the first thing I noticed. Not only their being open to suggestions, but their responsiveness and persistence in helping users resolve problems is absolutely second to none. Every software developer on the planet could learn from the folks at Acoustica in this regard.

Vibrant Audio wrote:...I use Kontakt 5 alot... I've used Guitar Rig...

Those are the ones I'm concerned about with the RAM limitation of a 32-bit app. I understand certain Kontakt 5 libraries in Komplete 8 (I'm looking at you, Studio Drummer!) and Guitar Rig 5 can be CPU hogs. Think I can work around it. Been using a dual core machine with a whopping 2 GB RAM for the last five years and found the limits of what can be done there... guessing a quad core i5 or i7 addressing 4 GB RAM would get me far enough beyond that to not be a substantial issue.

Vibrant Audio wrote:Midi imports and exports without issue for me.

This I am pleased to hear. :)

chibear wrote:Hi, and welcome back to the PC world :wink:

The only reason I left was because Vista was released and XP vanished two weeks before I was ready to buy. :o I couldn't find a kind word anywhere about Vista or from anyone I know who was using it. Didn't wanna wait for it to get sorted so...

Windows 7 appears stable and is still readily available. (Win8 receives mixed reviews.) I'm probably the only (current) Mac user you'll ever encounter who isn't a Mac snob. :lol: Computers are just tools to me. I care not who creates them. (Of course, considering I can score a couple software instruments I've wanted for ages and a PC with the same juice, storage, etc. for the same money that just a new Mac would cost, well... :idea:)

chibear wrote:...jBridge (<>$20)...

Will investigate this one. :)

chibear wrote:Search this forum for EZ Drummer and Komplete.

Who do I talk to about getting a "D'oh!" emoticon added? :lol: On my way to do that right now. (Read: Thanks for reminding me to do the obvious thing that I overlooked. :wink: )

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