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Setting up your studio

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Setting up your studio

Postby CRAZY6STRINGS » Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:14 am

Forgive me if this been posted before. I am new to this forum but not Mixcraft.

But ya just can't say enough about a good thing. And Studio Rescue is a fantastic resource, especially for bedroom studios. It's common knowledge that bedroom dimensions are the worst places to record, but this show, although cannot offer perfection, it will improve anyone's experience.

There's a great series on Youtube called, STUDIO RESCUE
It's kind of quirky but after watching a few episodes, and following some the hosts advice, I now find my mixing time is less and far more accurate.
He doesn't get into changing any of your equipment which is great. Which proves one thing, unless you have everything placed correctly, be it commercial grade or professional grade equipment, your mixes will suffer.
I have to admit that I was dubious at first but then I followed his suggestions and I am now getting better mixes and getting quicker.

Check it out.
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Re: Setting up your studio

Postby SoundSquire » Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:27 pm

I watched all of those episodes and they were great. It was nice to see some bedroom producers spaces transformed with the acoustic treatments. A couple of bass traps and some early reflection panels will indeed help your sound.

I am still working on my room. I don't do much tracking but I do a bunch of mixing. Just moving my monitors around helped tremendously. I have a Berhinger ECM8000 and Room EQ Wizard to check my room acoustics with. I have a ways to go yet. If I could stop buying hardware and software I could probably afford some bass traps and panels. :lol:

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Re: Setting up your studio

Postby CRAZY6STRINGS » Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:21 pm

Sam, the only treatments I did was the reflecting surface where you used the mirror to fine "the"spot.
I made sure the speakers were the same distance from the side walls and pointed at my ears.
I used to spend lots of time in my car identifying mixing issues, lol, but that's history now.


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Re: Setting up your studio

Postby trevlyns » Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:03 pm

No doubt, any treatment is preferable to none.

I have just a small bedroom which was totally bare with the exception of a carpet. Do a clap test and listen to the reflections - that's all bouncing back into any live mic used.

It's now nicely treated and set out correctly and the improvement is amazing.

Also remember that sound radiates 360 degrees from your monitors - don't forget to treat the area behind them. I also have some treatment behind my PC unit to help curb fan noise.

My vocal station uses one of those semi-circular reflection filters on a mic stand, but it is strategically placed so that the mic points to the area of most wall treatment.

Finally, you don't need to spend a fortune - duvets can do wonders. Rig them up behind your vocalist or throw them over mic'ed guitar amps.

EDIT: If you decide to use acoustic tiles, have a look at this tip I posted some time back - on getting those little suckers to STICK on the wall. ... feddcea603
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Re: Setting up your studio

Postby rbeach » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:00 pm

Great tip trevlyns re the duct tape and hot glue. Gaffers tape works well also, not quite as sticky as duct tape. I have just finished treating my space, made a world of difference. I bought 1' squares of the wedge material 2" thick and it worked like a charm. I used hot glue to stick the foam together if I needed larger pieces or whatever. I even made corner traps out of the stuff. The Foam Factory is the best place to get materials I have found.
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