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Blank after the song.

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Blank after the song.

Postby Lips » Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:19 am

Hi, I am a new happy user of Mixcraft.
One thing I can not find out is how to remove the blank (silence) after a song's end. Greg explains in one of his mini tips: "Adding and Removing Time In Mixcraft 6" , but this does not prevent the (vertical line) cursor from running a bit longer than the length of my song. This blank comes from when I record longer than the rest of the song and after that correct the length of the loop in the sound editor in the under pane.
Simple question : How to remove the blank (silence) ?

Rod VM
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Re: Blank after the song.

Postby Rod VM » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:28 am

Hello LIps, I made the same question time ago, and the answer was the effects "uses" some kind of "time". But anyway hope that the Masters of the Forum answer to you....
Have a nice day....
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Re: Blank after the song.

Postby Acoustica Greg » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:37 am


Are you concerned about this inside Mixcraft, or in the mixed down file?

For the mixed down file, highlight only the area you want to mix down, then put a check next to the "use selection" option that appears on the screen where you name your mixed down audio file.



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Re: Blank after the song.

Postby trevlyns » Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:30 pm


It may be an idea to check you don't have any "phantom track" causing the gap.

Below is a section of my current project. It plays right through to the end and then stops as indicated by the arrow. That first track is the original song used as a guide (its greyed out because its muted).

Point is, the song will play to the end of the longest track. Check you don't have any part or remnant of a track protruding beyond the end of your song.

EDIT: To be fair, I did check by deleting the longer track and it stopped playing 1.7 sec after the "end" of the next longest track.
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Re: Blank after the song.

Postby Lips » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:41 am

Thanks for the reactions !

Greg, I am looking to your tutorials and already found your tip for mixing down the selection only. Thanks again.

Trevlyns, I am sure I have no phantom tracks. I have only opened 2 tracks. The picture I included shows the simple real situation of the "song" I used to demonstrate this problem. I created the blank in this case by recording the 1st (top) track to the end cursor position and than correcting it's length in the Sound Editor, in the under pane, by adjusting the "loop end". This makes all like I want it, except that I now keep the cursor going on till where my recording originally ended. This I can only avoid by selecting and playing the song to the end in "loop mode" (Ctrl+Shift+8). But I hoped there was a more simple way do get rid of that blank at the end when composing the project.

Vibrant Audio
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Re: Blank after the song.

Postby Vibrant Audio » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:06 pm

When you use a vst instrument the output from that instrument generally continues past the end of the note off. So at the end of a song the project will keep rolling until no more output is detected from the instrument. Even if it's so quiet that you can't hear it.

I'm certain that you'll notice the playback ends at the exact same spot every time. Change the instrument and you'll notice that it now stops at a different place, but still the same spot every time. Add some blank instrument clips that extend past the stopping point and you'll notice the playback ends exactly at the end of the final blank clip.

You can overcome this by mixing down the virtual instrument track to an audio track then cropping the new audio clip to the desired endpoint. Go to Track>Mix To New Audio Track. Or Right-click the track and choose Mix To New Audio Track. This creates a new audio track from your virtual instrument track and mutes the original virtual instrument track. The playback indicator will now stop exactly at the end of the clip.
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