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Creating mix CDs

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Creating mix CDs

Postby jhogstrom » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:10 pm


I was tasked with creating mix CDs and scanned the net for options. The CD Burner app seems to fit my needs very well. A handful of questions though:

1: Is this the latest and greatest from you? Or should I use some other app (from you)? Why is it listed under legacy software in the form list?

2: I need to cut pieces of songs, maybe the middle 20 seconds of a 5 minute song. The options when mixing seems not to allow for more than some 150 seconds or so. Is this a demoware limitation?

3: Since I can't cut songs "in stream" in your app, I resorted to other options, like ffmpeg or some online tools. When I add these pre-cut songs your software says the song may be incomplete, and I get the feeling that no matter how I mix it it comes out bad/unsmooth when I write to CD. How can I convince the app that what I feed it is what I want it to eat?

4: I am clearly no expert on CD formats, but the app seemingly allows me to cross fade songs while retaining a record number in the CD player However, when I burn the songs to CD, the cross fading/overlap is gone. While the mixes are somewhat smooth, it is not the night radio long cross fade that I designed. Is this a limitation of the CD specs or should I do something different? I want *both* 30 skippable songs *and* nice cross fade between them. A long wav won't do it. And yes, we're talking audio CD's.

Looking forward to your clarifications and recommendations,


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Re: Creating mix CDs

Postby Acoustica Greg » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:46 pm


Let me see if I can answer your questions:

1. MP3 CD burner is considered legacy because we're no longer updating it and it doesn't work with Windows 8. If you need more control over cutting up songs, you might try our newer Mixcraft software.

2. You're limited to trimming roughly half of a song. The only limitation of the trial is that CD burning is no longer available after the trial is up.

3. You can control what MP3 CD Burner considers incomplete in the Audio Processing preferences.

4. To take advantage of smooth cross-fading, burn an audio CD, not an MP3 CD (unless you make everything into one big MP3) and make sure that the "Use IMAPI" option is turned off in the CD burning preferences.


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Re: Creating mix CDs

Postby jhogstrom » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:57 pm

Thanks for the quick reply, Greg!

I'll shun win8 as long as i can :) (just as I avoid mechanical spinning machines and horse-carts without horses - I'm doing fairly well on the spinning machines).

I'll look into mixcraft on the next record I have to do. I get a feeling it may solve all or most of my problems. The rest might well be solved by your answers. Tx.


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