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Start up Prob Windows 7

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Start up Prob Windows 7

Postby metalj » Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:50 pm

Hello, since I switched to Windows 7 I have been having an issue with starting Beatcraft. After double clicking on the BC Icon to open the application I immediately get a "Problem finding sound device!" Message.

It then says "A sound device could not be found! Please make sure that you have the latest sound drivers installed for your sound card!"

Its a brand new Asus computer running Windows 7, when I run a windows check on my sounds card it tells me that my drivers are all up to date.

When I "x" out of that message box BC starts up and runs fairly normal. Although it does freeze up on me now and again. Based on past experience with other programs "screen white out and freezing up", I wonder is BC fully compatible with Windows 7 ?

Any suggestions on...
1- how to make it stop freezing up?
2- how to get rid of that message box each time I open it up?
3- Is BC fully compatible with windows 7 ?

I do not get this message box for any other program or application on my otherwise perfectly running computer.


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Acoustica Greg
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Re: Start up Prob Windows 7

Postby Acoustica Greg » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:59 am


Beatcraft was last updated before Windows 7 was released, so you'll get that error each time you open it. We don't currently have plans to update Beatcraft. That said, it should still work with Windows 7 without freezing. Is there any pattern to the freezes? Do they clear up if you give it some time? Do you have build 19?


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