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Embertone Blakus Cello (Kontakt 5)

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Embertone Blakus Cello (Kontakt 5)

Postby chibear » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:28 pm

details and demos here

A 'friend' steered me to this one and for $125 how could I say no for an amazing sounding instrument. Download, installation and authorization are about the easiest I've seen for sample libraries.

SO, the Instrument:

-You NEED to use wrapped 64 bit Kontakt 5 as the instrument uses 3GB of RAM per instance.

-You have incredible control over the cello without being a cellist, including total control over vibrato. However this comes at a price of extreme complexity. Right out of the box it pretty much sounds awful even with just improvising using mod wheel until you develop the sensitivity to realize your velocity will trigger one of 7 different sustains.

-Plug it into an existing MIDI file and you're back to awful again until you figure out the maze of CC#'s and keyswitches to be negotiated. After 2 hours I had the first phrase of my cello solo presentable. The lessons learned will not be forgotten but the learning curve is VERY steep.

I usually have an example to play, but this is going to take awhile.

Great VST but not for the impatient or faint-hearted.

Embertone also has a solo violin that, looking at the manual, behaves pretty much the same way. If the cello works out for me I'll probably pick that up too.

EDIT: OK I also bought the Friedlander violin and have to say that both have been a waste of money for me not because of the quality of the product but because of its complexity and lack of a musically logical workflow. Software should be easy to use. These aren't. No samples coming either. I recommend Kirk Hunter's Spotlight Solo Strings as a more viable alternative.
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