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Kirk Hunter Spotlight Solo Strings, Concert Brass 2

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Kirk Hunter Spotlight Solo Strings, Concert Brass 2

Postby chibear » Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:06 pm

For awhile now I've been searching for libraries that give me greater control over orchestra instruments. What I have found in these libraries is one step beyond EWQLSO and 2 steps beyond Miroslav, though I really like both of them. However Kirk Hunter's new Spotlight Solo Strings and more vintage Concert Brass 2 are going to be my goto libraries for solo strings and brass.

Quite simply these libraries have the flexibility to accomplish virtually anything I have in mind for these instruments without having to struggle with the samples. The programming is so deep that if you can conceive of it you can find a way to do it: tone color, articulations, phrasing are all extremely flexible.

All this flexibility does come at a price:
1. These libraries need to be run on 64 bit Kontakt so jBridge is also a must. I find myself getting to 10GB of RAM used very quickly so I would say you would want a 16 GB machine.

2. With all the available adjustments you need to know exactly what you are looking to do. A novice orchestrator will get lost and frustrated very fast.

3. You need to be very comfortable with Kontakt because these instruments will need you to assign command codes to certain features to get the most of the flexibility referred to previously (more so in the brass than solo strings) and for you to be able to save the instrument after the codes are assigned.

Otherwise, ENJOY!

BTW Kirk has permanently cut prices on everything but right now there is a group buy on until Feb 20 that at this point stands at another 30% off.

HERE is a demo I did with the Spotlight Solo Strings. In my upcoming submission for the Bleeding Fingers competition (and all future compositions for that matter) both libraries will figure prominently
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