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Rick Snoman's "Dance Music Manual - 3rd Ed." - Do you like?

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Rick Snoman's "Dance Music Manual - 3rd Ed." - Do you like?

Postby mercuriocj » Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:17 pm

Just wondering from the forum members and moderators what you all think of Rick Snoman's book. I'm on my second read of the 3rd edtion as a mid-novice EDM producer and am blown away by his knowledge of most every electronic device used to create EDM (analogue and digital - from the 70's till now) and by the techniques of most current forms of EDM. I have to say that, like other reviews on the internet, the editing of the book needed work... That said however, I think this is a basis for anyone who want's to REALLY GET THEIR FEET DIRTY (not wet) in the electronic dance music world. You do, though, have to understand and know your sh!# with regard to music crafting beforehand. I'm still (re)learning all that over again - even after 14 years at the piano - music theory and all.......

Overall, I think it's a great edition of his book.

Any comments welcome.

Best to you all, CJ

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Re: Rick Snoman's "Dance Music Manual - 3rd Ed." - Do you li

Postby Acoustica Greg » Mon Apr 07, 2014 9:54 am


Looks like it could be a good resource for people interested in EDM, and it's got great reviews on Amazon.


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