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The Tiger Synth (free)

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The Tiger Synth (free)

Postby davefk » Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:23 am

H.G. Fortune

The Tiger. Great for ambient sounds.


Main features (based on Pro version):

4 PCM wave Oscillators each with 256 waves (other SF2 loadable)
2 Aux oscillators (monophonic) as mod and audio sources

1 24 dB resonant Lowpass filter with ADSR EG and 4 channel mod mixer
1 12 dB resonant Band or Hipass filter with ADSR EG and 4 channel mod mixer
2 Spook modifiers with different resonant characteristics
1 Amplitude modulation with selectable input and mod sources by 2 Aux oscillators

Mod sources:
2 RPG (16 step Rhythmic Pattern Gators) with two outputs each (+/-)
1 16 Step Modulator with three outputs (+/-/Mix)
3 bpm synced LFO
1 bpm synced Sample & Hold
1 bpm synced double LFO with phase shifting
1 touchpad with 6 control pads
4 UCC knobs for User MIDI CC (for e.g. hardwired ribbon controller, joystick etc. of MIDI keyboard)

4 channel mixer for output of LP Filter, B/HP Filter, Direct signal, and AM/Aux section
1 Gator (not just On/Off but mixable)
1 Pan for direct and 1 Pan for delayed signal with stereo width enhance
1 Stereo Delay
1 Stereo Reverb with resonant multimode filter

Lazy System with range calibration
Velocity Sensivity knob
visual display of LFO & Aftertouch motion (can be hidden)
15 voices, 7 patchbanks (~890 patches)
MIDI Learn/CC Edit for most control elements
inbuilt MIDI CC display

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