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Question about VST3

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Question about VST3

Postby Anorax » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:51 pm

Will future versions of Mixcraft be able to load plugins in the VST3 format?

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Mark Bliss
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Re: Question about VST3

Postby Mark Bliss » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:44 pm

Interesting question Anorax. I am curious myself.
(If anyone is interested in a peak at what this is about: ... /vst3.html )

I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is along the lines of emphasis and development dedicated to a 64Bit MC7 pushing this off into future versions. But since a major rewrite is involved, perhaps it is on the drawing board?

Here is a quote from Craig Anderton, just over a year ago:

"The main improvements were audio inputs to VST instruments and sidechaining, although you could do sidechaining previously (just not as elegantly).

If a company makes a VST3 plug-in, it won't work with DAWs that can't host VST3 plug-ins. So for example, Steinberg's PadShop works only with a limited number of programs. DAW companies take the position of "we're not going to go to the trouble to support VST3 if there aren't a lot of plug-ins," while plug-in developers say "we're not going to make VST3 plug-ins if there aren't a lot of hosts to support them." So it's your basic chicken-and-egg situation."

It appears the list of DAW's adding the standard has grown (including some relatively "small" names) and the list of VST and VSTi developers adding releases using the standard has also been growing, so maybe its time is coming?

From what I understand of the capabilities and possibilities, (Honestly, many of them are beyond me, but not all! 8) ) this is potentially going to lead to some pretty big leaps forward. The future of DAW's looks bright! (Gotta wear shades!)
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Re: Question about VST3

Postby chibear » Sun Jul 13, 2014 7:33 am

To the OP: only Acoustica knows for sure and they aren't talking .....yet.

Your question spurred some reasearch, though and ironically the best source of concise information seems to be Wiki:
VST 3.0 came out in 2008. Changes included:[5]

Audio Inputs for VST Instruments
Multiple MIDI inputs/outputs
Optional SKI (Steinberg Kernel Interface) integration

VST 3.5 came out in February, 2011. Changes included note expression, which provides extensive articulation information in individual note events in a polyphonic arrangement. This supports performance flexibility and a more natural playing feel. [6]

In September, 2013, Steinberg discontinued maintenance of the VST 2 SDK. In December, Steinberg stopped distributing the SDK.

The audio inputs for VSTs sounds cool but polyphonic expression would be an awesome addition. As far as the routing capabilities, as of yet I don't think I've ever come close to using all the MIDI channels available to me now and I can't get my head around what the UI for such would look like in VsT3, probably a flow chart?

I don't expect the markets to be flooded with VST 3 instruments or VST3 versions of VST2 instruments soon though since, from what I've just read, there is no easy upgrade path from VST2 to VST3 which means developers have to completely rewrite all the VST2 instruments from scratch and are not all that excited about such a project. Since Steinberg is no longer supporting VST2 the change to VST3 format is inevitable but will be a VERY slow process. Developers of DAWs and VSTs are gradually climbing on board, but you won't see an explosion in production until there's lots of $$$ to be had.
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Re: Question about VST3

Postby Anorax » Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:32 pm

Actually, for the polyphonic expression, I think I remember something similar in a video for the beta of Bitwig Studio, where they controlled pitch bending information for individual notes by drawing a pitch control line right over the note [in the piano roll], and then adjusting it like you would any other automation lane in mixcraft.

Actually, I found the video. Starts around 1:45 and ends around 2:10, although I think in Bitwig this pitch adjusting is due to the fact that their virtual instruments are in-house software instead of VST3 based.

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Acoustica Greg
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Re: Question about VST3

Postby Acoustica Greg » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:36 am


We don't have plans to implement VST3 support in the immediate future, but that could always change.


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