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Every worst plugin I could find!

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Every worst plugin I could find!

Postby bigaquarium » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:00 pm


Here's something off the beaten path. I went to VST4Free and found all of the lowest rated plugins I could find to see what could be done with them. Most of these were under 2 stars, and one was 1/2 star! Probably the most noticeable thing was how the processor usage for 15 tracks was the same as the 55 track project I did last week! :)

Some of the plugins are pretty quirky but hey, they made a sound. The first go through is with all bad plugins, the second go through is with Izotope on the master channel instead of the other plugins, but everything else the same. ... aladreject


Myrmidon Analog Synth (String Pad) - ... on&id=3000
ThoR Analog Synth (Sine lead/bass reinforcement) -
Saloon Honky Tonk Piano - ... on&id=2193
MVb Monophonic Synth (Bass) -
Saffron Instrument Pack (Piano) - ... on&id=2480
Samsara Hurdy Gurdy - ... dy&id=2516
Aggressive Drums - ... ms&id=2902
Shekrs - ... krs&id=676


PhatNoise Delay - ... ay&id=2860
MEQ-10 Equalizer - ... 10&id=1991
ATK Compressor - ... or&id=2070
ModFilter - ... r_&id=2192
Stereo Pulse - ... se&id=2702
Stereo Strip - ... _2&id=1112
QuantumVerb - ... rb&id=2925


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