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Bandinabox issue! Help appreciated! Problem NOT solved :)

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Bandinabox issue! Help appreciated! Problem NOT solved :)

Postby M@rkus » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:36 am


Help still needed!

I wonder if someone here could help me out with a bandinabox issue?

To make a long story short, I previously had a collaboration with a person who had bandinabox. We do not have this collaboration any more, but I would like to finish the song I was working on.

What I need is only the midi piano sound, and I remember the chords and the bpm. The song was in 160 pbm (or possibly 80 bpm, I can´t remember if we doubled the tempo), the cords were E-major, A-major, D-major and F#-minor. The midiloop we used was "New Orleans - Mardi Gras". This should be a swing setting!

If someone would be so kind to program his/her bandinabox this way, and mute all instruments but the piano and save it to midi, I would be very grateful!

And perhaps record, let´s say 10 bars of E-major, 10 bars of A-major, 10 bars of D-major and 10 bars of F#-minor!

The idea with recording 10 bars is that I noticed the piano played many different variations on the same theme, which would be nice to try out. I only need the midi!

I work on a pc, but I don´t suppose that matters?

If anyone feel up to this task, let me know!

Thanks in advance!
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