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Serious MIDI problems with plugins

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Serious MIDI problems with plugins

Postby daveiv » Sat May 11, 2019 2:52 pm

I have bought a few plugins recently, but I'm having problems with their various MIDI features.

Transfuser 2 is a groove box, kind of like Performance Panel. Its sequencer patterns can be triggered by MIDI keys. You assign a drum or groove pattern to, for example, C-2 key, and it would play that pattern in sync. But in Mixcraft, it doesn't play the first note of the first sequence triggered. In some other DAW, it works just fine.

SynthMaster One, Vacuum Pro and Hybrid are virtual analog synthesizers with builtin arpeggiators. But their arps go out of sync when you pause and continue playing the song in the middle. You always need to start from the beginning.

Kirnu Cream is an arpeggiator itself. When you press a note, it's supposed to trigger series of notes in another plugin. But Mixcraft "leaks" the note pressed, so the target plugin plays both the trigger note and the arpeggiated notes.


Mixcraft is very intuitive in many ways and worth every penny. But these issues basically force me to use another DAW right now.

Since Mixcraft 9 is on the horizon, I wanted to bring these issues up before it's too late.

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Re: Serious MIDI problems with plugins

Postby liberaltugboat » Tue May 14, 2019 3:29 pm

You can get around the issue with Kirnu Cream by using a mini VST host. I am using Minihost Modular from Image-Line.

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