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fresh install...?

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fresh install...?

Postby xonexonex » Tue Apr 10, 2007 10:03 am

Do i need a fresh install? I used the trial , then clicked later or something, purchased this product, and i put in the code and it says thankyou for registering, and so it works. but then... when i try to save my mix as a mp3 or something, the registration thing pops up again.. it wont even let me save my mix. I think my XP is messed up , other software i have does this too sometimes, I tried reinstalling a few times, but it still does this.. is it becuase it was a trial then i regiterd it ? Or how do i solve this issue? i cant even use your wonderful product!

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Postby Acoustica Eric » Tue Apr 10, 2007 9:03 pm

It is not happening because it was a trial. We want people to trial first before buying, this ensures the software is what they want before buying.

Your computer is probably a little messed up if other software does the same thing.

When you enter a registration code into a software product, it usually gets written to the Windopws registry somewhere, so it seems that you OS may be having trouble writing to the registry.

Are you logged in with an account that has administrative privelages?

If not, install from one that does, or make yours an administrator.

You may also want to use some tools like and (free home version) to clean the pc up. Then run a registry cleaner like RegSupreme Pro at

Last resort-----save your documents and music and stuff to cd or a network drive and format that beast :-)

If you do not know how, consult a professional who can help you out in reinstalling windows.

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