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Cakewalk Sonar Goes Belly Up

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Re: Cakewalk Sonar Goes Belly Up

Postby TheHound » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:56 pm

Starship Krupa wrote:
Mark Bliss wrote:The truly sad news is that its such a low growth market that its not worth it going forward.
Simple business realities.

Electric guitar sales numbers aren't too encouraging either. Between the pressure created by the quality improvement of low cost producers and the marketing pressures of big box store economics, its no wonder Gibson is looking elsewhere.

I don't think it's a sign of anything other than a poorly-run, overextended company's inability to keep a well-respected product viable. And if they couldn't do it, they should have spun it off rather than killing it.

Gibson under Juszkiewicz has bought up and killed other brands, like Slingerland. I've just been sitting back watching for the company's inevitable stumble and fall. What is a shame is when good, potentially viable products like Cakewalk SONAR get taken down with them.

This is also why I will never, ever, if I can avoid it, buy software on a lifetime subscription basis that presumes that the company and development will go on in perpetuity.

Gibson is in deep trouble for a lot of reasons. Their flagship guitar the Les Paul is being out classed by other models. It's heavy, too much bottom end, has tuning issues and the headstock angle is wrong which causes tuning issues. Instead of making their necks like the Epiphone they continued with the same flawed design and tried to fix it with this silly motorized contraption and we thought the Germans were the only people who over engineered stuff.

CEOs rarely know much about the companies that get paid to run.... run into the ground. There is also a glut of instruments that out live people.

Companies need to be consistent and innovative without trying to reinvent th wheel.

Corporatism is ruining a lot more than musical stuff. You can't even buy a decent washing machine any longer other than speed queen.

Have DAWs reached their zenith? What more do we need to make music? If a great musician/composer/producer creates a piece of music, he or she can create it and have it com out great on anything with or without all the bells and whistles.

I like the "feel' of Mixcraft for what I do. Just keep improving effects, virtual instruments and loops. Keep it stable and easy to use.

For what I do, a DAW is a tool same as something like like PhotoShoppe. It is a digital studio same as photoshoppe is a digital dark room and when you think about it some of the best music was recorded and mixed on tape, played on vinyl and listened to on speakers.

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