Here And Now - too late for a lockdown song?

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Here And Now - too late for a lockdown song?

Post by msnickybee » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:53 am

I'd forgotten that I wrote this song during the 'orrible bits of our pandemic/lockdown back in April, with time on my hands, and feeling a bit isolated. It's a simple song really, and I forgot to share it here with you guys to get your feedback and suggestions.
Made a conscious effort to not over-produce/edit/autotune/EQ it to death (hard for me! lol), recorded live then a couple of overdubs.
I'd forgotten about it because I always meant to go back and make a cheesy video for it, but, well, lockdown continued, bought a campervan, disappeared for a bit, sold said campervan, put our house up for sale...and life got in the way........

One thing I do remember struggling with with it, was that I couldn't play in time (!), esp. given the kind of bossa-nova (?) feel I'd unconsciously some of the snare hits were moved around a bit afterwards to kind of compensate! Hmmm.

Here's the YouTube link:
Here And Now

thanks a lot!
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