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Small demo song

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:04 am
by ruhestrom
Well´s 5 minutes, pretty straight, drums and guitars only, lyrics not practiced in the slightest bit.. basically it was done just to test a few methods to get something out of my rather cheap setup

some stuff will be added ( if the song survives my own criticism) and a little more effort will go into arrangement, flaws in the guitar tracks will be eliminated :)

It´s a mid-tempo punk/oi ballade and as mentioned mainly a "warm up" quick shot ...i hope you enjoy it, and contructive criticism is always welcome :)

oh, beware, the lyrics are german :) ... unkballade

Re: Small demo song

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:44 am
by M@rkus
Hi, ruhestrom!

I´ve listened to your song and these are my thoughts. Sonically I think it´s fine, perhaps a little more clarity on the bass guitar? Over all the track might be a bit bass heavy?

Your vocals seems to be drifting from middle to right sometimes, is that on purpose? The same goes for the second guitar albeit drifting center-left.

You could try to pan first guitar 15-20 degrees (or to your own choice) left, and second guitar 15-20 degrees right. You could also double first guitar and keep one track center and one 15-20 degrees left. This to create some stereo image and space.

I would suggest you keep the cymbal crashes to a minimum, instead try to vary the drum beat a little as not to make them sound monotone.

Songwise, perhaps you could add a break somewhere, and/or a choire? Just to keep the listeners attention!

Good first demo though!

Best regards/

Re: Small demo song

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:21 am
by Fiddlesticks
ruhestrom wrote:oh, beware, the lyrics are german :)
I'm German but I didn't get all the lyrics anyway. ;)

I do like the sound and the guitars! The vocals are a bit too much 'punk style' for me though since it's supposed to be a love song.

Re: Small demo song

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:38 am
by ruhestrom
Thanks for the replies guys... i´ll allow myself to answer some of that in no particular order :)

There is no bass guitar in this piece :)
It´s basically one rythm guitar (2 tracks with different amps though), another rythm guitar with some solo fills, one octave higher in the "chorus" section, and one simple solo guitar ...
regarding the "left to right shift", i can´t explain that, because they are either centered (by peak meter) or doubled and put to each side, all fixed through out the whole 5 minutes, no changes...
The drums, yea... basically 2 different loops, that´s probably why there is the crash so often... i just wanted to get the basic guitar scheme down and didn´t really bother with the drums

@the guitar sound... yea, i´m also pretty happy, considering it´s a 200,€ Guitar from an electronic store... Only thing i don´tlike about it: i can get a rather satisfying sound out of it with not too much "effecting" involved, but the damn (humbucker) pick up won´t bring any can hear it in the solo/ fill parts, even if i hold the tone, it sounds like i press down a keyboard key that just shoots a short tone...

the lyrics...oh well... as mentioned, not practiced and i chose the "punkier" approach because it was the "easier" way to somewhat hit the notes i think, Punkrock and lovesongs should not exclude each other :)

all in all i realized how rusty i am currently, since i did almost exclusively electronic stuff in the last 2 years... just starting to get back to my roots, but will try to implement some of the "new tricks" i learned from my other experiments :)