Cinematic type tune

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Cinematic type tune

Post by w1av » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:58 pm

Mixcraft has some cool instruments for orchestrations. I was vacationing up in New Hampshire this past summer. I brought along a small PC with MIDI keyboard. I am always playing around with modes and thought I would try something slightly ominous sounding and tense. I used Mixolydian flat 6 mode and stuck a whole tone scale section in middle. I used a few instruments in Mixcrafts arsenal. I recorded this late at night sitting at kitchen table. ... ler-iii-ri

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Ian Craig
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Re: Cinematic type tune

Post by Ian Craig » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:59 pm

Bob, the music sounds excellent in structural terms, but the sound of the instruments suffers from a lack of production and makes them sound very 'midi'. It's amazing what a bit of reverb and EQing can do, but getting adept at applying them is an art in itself, but it could be worth throwing a bit at 'library' sounds (even expensive libraries occupying GBs of disc space still require a good reverb adding). Musically though, that was enjoyable :)
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Re: Cinematic type tune

Post by shayneoneill » Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:14 am

Have you considered something like EastWests composer cloud or something? Your composition and arangements pretty great, but some of the stuff suffers from the default instruments. Mixcrafts pianissmo, and the synths are all fab, but some of the other stuff really isn't as detailed as one would prefer. Hey, its the default soundbanks, its there for inspiration. Composer Cloud, which I use, basically gives you a couple of Terabytes worth of some seriously fine instruments , and the hollywood strings/brass/woodwinds/percussion libraries is stuff you'll hear all the time on Movie and TV soundtracks, its the real thing. Its a bit meh on Jazz brass (Well, specifically it really hasnt got much that way at all) , and I'm told the Swing! and Swing again! libraries (Uh, not sure, maybe Spitfire make them) are the bees knees for Jazz stuff, though you might need to find a copy of Kontakt , Native Instruments little rent seeking scheme on everyone elses libraries.

But since I mostly do orchestral stuff, EastWests stuff sounds goddamn amazing to my ears. That, plus a good SSD (external, MINIMUM usb3) or a dedicated internal SATA USB3, and you're basically using the same tools as the hollywood people, which for $20ish a month is a pretty sweet deal imho.

I'm just finishing off a few pieces using Composer Cloud, EastWests Spaces reverb to 'live' up the sound a bit, Waves new Abbey Road Mastering suite. All from inside Mixcraft. Its a pretty damn nice workflow if I do say so myself :D
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