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Wednesday 24th March 2021

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:58 pm
by Ian Craig
On Tuesday 23rd March 2021 I meticulously set up 2 then 3 instances of Cherry Audio's Eight Voice Oberheim emulation in Mixcraft 8 in ways that I thought would sound good together, but didn't record anything with it, then sometime around 5am on the 24th I started and kept going on and off for around 12 hours, supplementing the Eight Voice with other Virtual Synthesizers - Memorymoon Messiah v2 (emulating the Prophet 5), Memorymoon ME-80 v2 (emulating the Yamaha CS-80) and the newish synth Arturia Pigments - the intro section came as a late addition as usual when I needed to find the space for the MeldaProductions MSoundFactory Virtual Synthesizer sounds that I came up with when looking for more sounds that might make the sound of the piece richer, I used 3 instances of MSoundFactory and one of AAS Ultra Analog VA-3 and I added some delays and reverbs to smooth out some of the sharper edges that had developed, using the FX Valhalla Super Massive(Reverb/Delay), Soundtoys Echoboy (Modulating Delay), 2getheraudio Space Duck (Delay/Reverb), United Plugins Orbitron (Multi-modulation FX), FabFilter Pro R (Reverb) & Waves Brauer Motion (Circular Auto-Panner), to get the sound to where it ended up. The video then took about 6 hours, so it was about 18 hours in total plus the previous day's work setting up the basic 8 voice sounds to complete it to this degree.