Microphone alters voice?

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Microphone alters voice?

Post by UilleannB » Wed May 05, 2021 10:50 pm

I have a studio microphone from Blue, Spark Digital, an USB microphone.
I tried to record my voice with Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio, just to notice it alters my voice, making it deeper and slower.
When I just record it (with the same microphone) with the Voice Recorder software that's build into Windows 10, it is just as it should be, pitch, speed and all. If I record it in Mixcraft, it sounds like in a movie, where the soundtrack is indicating drug intoxication, noticeably lower and slower than I sung it.
Does somebody has an idea what the reason for this could be and how to change it?

(I know the opinions differ, eventually I will get another kind of microphone, but it would be nice getting this first to run nonetheless.)

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Re: Microphone alters voice?

Post by Acoustica Greg » Thu May 06, 2021 9:54 am


It's probably not the microphone, it's some setting or another. It could be some kind of sample rate issue. Which sample rate are you using in Mixcraft's Sound Device preferences? Try using the same sample rate you're using for Windows.

Also, look at the audio clip on the Sound tab. Over on the left, is it set to "Use Project Tempo" or "Time Stretch?" Try a Time Stretch of 100%.

Same with "Use Project Key" and "Transpose." Try Transpose at 0.0.

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