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Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:04 am
by Mstorms
Hello, I'm using Mixcraft 7 on a 14 day free trial on a laptop with Windows 7. I'm a drummer with a home studio and a BEHRINGER XENYX X2222USB mixer. I really enjoy all the preset loops and I'm having fun creating music and adding my own drum track to it. However, I'm challenged by a glitch that keeps happening every time I;m recording a session. Here's my process. 1. choose some cool loops and create music. 2. Play the loops thru my headphones attached to my laptop and practice on the drum set. 3. Once I have practiced enough, I'm ready to record so I plug in my mixer via the USB cable and record (ARM) my drum set (Keep in mind that I'm still listening to the loops thru my headphones attached to my laptop) 4. PROBLEM...Even though I've recorded 10 times or more (trying to get the perfect track) all of the sudden, I can't hear anything thru my laptop but rather the music is playing thru my mixing board. I can see the EQ lights flashing and when I plug headphones into the mixing board, sure enough it's playing! Furthermore, Mixcraft will not record my drumset anymore. 5. The only fix is to unplug the USB cable, start a new project and repeat the whole mess over again hoping it won't malfunction, but it always does :(

How can the music (loops) be playing perfectly thru my laptop while recording my drum track and after 10 or so recordings, the laptop gets muted and the music (all by itself) starts playing thru the mixer?? Gremlins?? Such a weird problem to have because I'm not changing any settings or hitting any buttons. It just does this all by itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.