MXL Mics

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MXL Mics

Post by kebler95 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:32 pm

I am a songwrites and Poet, I am looking into a new Mic setup with the Mix7 Home Studio. I use to have the Tascam set up , well that has been taken from me from my x-gf.. (go figure they take it all lol ).. So I have been on the hut of a brand new and better set up. Shure seems to be the Mix7 thing, it looks a little bit on the breakable side to me. But I could be wrong of course. So I am leaning towards a MXL set up.
And one last question for the road. If you have your own Digitech stompbox for vocal sounds will the mix7 home(and/or pro7) reconzie that and still record it with the sound effect on the software.??
If you have any suggestins on a Set up for Vocal Recordings I would like to hear from you all, I am in a fork in the road with what direction I would like to go, I dont want some junk mic set up. I would rather take the time a set up a set that is worth the time and sound.

Thanks !! :)

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