Something for you acoustic gitty players.

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Something for you acoustic gitty players.

Post by AHornsby » Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:28 pm

Wow! The belly of my Epiphone Dr-500 PNS was getting a little swollen and it caused the action to rise a bit past the tedious level so I installed a JLD Bridge Doctor.

I took off the strings and laid a small vessel of water inside. I covered the sound hole and bridge up with a pile of books for about a week. That served to flatten the belly a lot... but it wasn't perfectly flat. I installed the BD and I can't tell you how much difference it made. (It needs a new saddle now because I had filed the old one down to adapt somewhat and now the strings buzz a little bit.)

Procedure: Follow the INCLUDED DIRECTIONS... but,

I found that drilling a smaller pilot hole was better.

1} Inspect the bridge and rule out any lifting or separation.

2) Drill a small (1/16") hole in the bridge to act as a pilot for the (9/64") and then after just before the BD is installed, use the 1/4" bit deep enough to accommodate the dot.

3) Use a small sharp chisel to shave off the dot instead of over-sanding the bridge area.

I practised the install on a trashed 12-string (it had a busted truss rod...) and it was relatively easy so I proceeded with the EPI. I suggest you do the same if you're afraid like me.

The sustain and tone are better than ever and I can't wait to record with it! -h ... octor.html

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