Audio and Screen recording Mixcraft [SOLVED!]

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Audio and Screen recording Mixcraft [SOLVED!]

Post by creativeforge » Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:21 am

OK, so....!

I installed and uninstalled a few software over the past two days, and spent hours reading and watching tuts, but there's always a twist somewhere (for me).

And then I found this little gem tonight. SoundTapStreaming.

I didn't have to mess with any of my audio settings. All I had to do was install (free), check the box that says Also record from microphone, and then select my microphone (Shure Motiv 5). Then I started recording, read my text, went to my DAW without shutting down anything, played my DAW clips, commented over the music, went back to my text and voice recorded the ending. Click End Recording.

It recorded perfectly, and saved as a WAV file. Easy to find the file, load it in my DAW to edit out a few annoying noises. And voila! :)

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! SoundTapStreaming


EDIT: (so I tried the XBOX Game bar and it looks promising, but no audio comes out. In my PREFERENCES it was set to ASIO, but then even as Wave it's not working. I'm sure there is a setting I'm not seeing somewhere.)

I'm trying to screen record something in my DAW, with both audio and video. However the program I'm using (Debut Screen Capture standard) is not engaging when I click Record. Nor is VideoPad.

I want to record what happens when I mute or solo certain tracks, in order to highlight the synth patches used. For this I have to do this in real-time. I see videos on YouTube doing this all the time to give tutorials or show reviews.

Anyone has a tip on this? What software/settings do you use?



(Mixcraft 8 Pro)

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