Also good for USB drives

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Also good for USB drives

Post by tekhedd » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:07 am

I realize Twist & Burn is in support life, and I also no longer make MP3 CDs (and never Audio CDs!) but it's still a great tool for throwing out a listening mix for the road.

My car's stereo can take a USB drive, and can not handle subdirectories very well, and T&B can take a song list, flatten it to one directory, and name the files so they play in the right order. This works better than the various free "song list flattener" tools I've found on the internet. The "size limit" tab confused me at first, until I realized this limit was not forced on you, and it will work for any size.

I thought that it might be good if the whole "flatten USB mix of mp3s for car" thing was written about somewhere on the site, because I wasted a lot of time googling for and trying different tools, none of which worked quite right, before I remembered that I have Twist & Burn installed. :)

While it is not actively developed, I am glad to see that it still runs on (at least) win7/64, and thanks for that. I know how fun it is to maintain legacy software.

(But, really, the other software all sucks. Transfer playlists with Windows Media Player? Yuck. iTunes on Windows? Anybody who suggests this has not tried running iTunes on Windows, that thing is an abomination. I don't even use it to transfer tunes to my iPod--just the driver layer and Foobar2k. This software is hard to replace.)

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