Is there any way I could....

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Is there any way I could....

Post by Brendan » Thu Jul 02, 2009 4:38 am

remove the music or filter it until there is little to none music in the background so remains acapella? can i do this with dj twist and burn?

i saw the page two hours ago and do not understand. I don't see a VST Extraboy Plugin that you said could make acapella.

If i'm wrong please clarify me, im not sure...?

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Acoustica Greg
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Post by Acoustica Greg » Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:28 am


Load a song into DJ Twist & Burn's song list, then right-click on it, select Effects and then one of the three Vocal Removal effects. If it doesn't work with any of the vocal removal settings, try a different song.

Whether it works or not depends on how the song was mixed. Vocal removal tends to work better on older songs.


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Post by Acoustica Eric » Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:08 pm

Removing the music and leaving nothing but vocals is near impossible because all the tracks have been mixed down to two stereo tracks and if you remove a frequency to try lower an instrument, it will also affect the vocal.
There is a tutorial on youtube but you need a version of the song without vocals along with the normal version, which most songs do not have.

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