Looking for these features.

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Looking for these features.

Post by mikehende » Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:39 am

Hi, I am trying out Twist and Burn but if you have any other software which can do the following, then tell me so I can try out that one please. I wish to create beatmatched cd's but I need to do the following:

1] Some songs are very long especially the 12" versions which are up to 10 minutes in length, for these songs I would like to beatmatch into the next song at around only 3 or 4 minutes so can I edit the time of any song when it beatmatches into the next song?

2] I would like to preview the beatmatching of any given 2 songs to listen to how they beatmatch before burning to cd.

3] This one is optional, instead of setting a master tempo for all songs in the playlist, can I use an in-between bpm between all songs? For example, say I have 3 tracks with 110, 115 and 120 bpm's respectively, can I beatmatch the first two songs at 112bpm and then when the third song comes in beatmatch at 117 e.t.c?


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Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:54 pm


Yes, you can select how much the two songs overlap. You are limited to around half of the song length.

You can preview the mix by just playing the song list or by clicking on the Mixing icon to the right of the song list.

You can't set an intermediate tempo, but you can use the EZ beatmatching feature to automatically sort all the songs by tempo so that the really fast songs are not next to the really slow songs. Just load some songs into your song list and press Ctrl-E.


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