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Re: plug ins wont open

Post by Vincent » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:42 pm

irishcreme wrote:I have been trying to download these plug in's but it says that my computer cannot open a file with a "dll" extension and all i got was a bunch of gibberish in notepad.

Whats wrong? :cry:
You may also need to unzip the folders you downloaded however first you should uninstall or delete the plugins you downloaded already...If you cant find the folder/folders of the downloaded programs you could do a search on your computer to see where they are.

Once all the old downloaded plugins are deleted you can start over again fresh.

Download zip reader and save to program files...then install it on the computer.

Once this is done you can download vst plugin...when download begins click save...look in program files which should be on your local disk and look for a VST folder...click on VST folder and save plugin to that folder...now click open...zip reader will open it then click finsih.

Now open up mixcraft...click file then preferences...click effects then edit VST effects folder...click on add...click on local disk...then program files then vst and then add plugin...make sure to double click on plugin file to see if there is a sub folder...you may have to add the subfolder to get plugin to work...once plugin is added click ok and see if plugin works...most plugins work however there are a few that dont...probably has more to do with the plugin and not mixcraft.

Zip Reader Free Download

Here is a good plugin for amp sim and a few effects.


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