any luck with ScratchIt! vst on mixcraft?

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any luck with ScratchIt! vst on mixcraft?

Post by RobertAllan » Fri Nov 15, 2019 11:37 am

Probably totally random, but i have a little sideproject i need some scratching on (not tapestop but turntableism ish), my first instinct was just to download some audio from youtube and mix in, but then i saw a video of a vst called Scratch It, downloaded it, tried it and after some tweaqing i found the sound from my own audio sample i heard in my head, so made it, but cant record it for whatever reason..anyone have a clue how to sort it?

From the pdf it seems you should have a audio file (check), create a midi-track and add scratch it (check)
then a third audio-track which is supposed to get sent to the midi one? HOW??

*The explanation was meant for cubase and fl studio i think, but as i get sound i should be able to sort it..Any tips?

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