Komplete Kontrol Groove Recording

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Beloved Daniel
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Komplete Kontrol Groove Recording

Post by Beloved Daniel » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:28 am

I was really excited to record one of the sample grooves from Komplete Kontrol onto my Mixcraft Virtual Instrument Track. BUT, when I go to record, the midi doesn't transfer to the track! If I play individual notes on my keyboard, it does record. However, when I click the play button on the sample groove, nothing records! I hear audio, and the VI track shows an audio feed, but no Midi data records and so the recording track just disappears, as if I'd played nothing. I am very sad, because I can't record a groove through individual instruments as well as the pre-built groove that comes from Komplete Kontrol. That's sort of a HUGE reason I bought the product. I am thinking that I am just new to this, and there IS a way. Can somebody please help me find it? :)


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Re: Komplete Kontrol Groove Recording

Post by GovernmentMule » Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:03 am

First off, I know nothing about the Komplete Kontrol keyboard you are talking about or the Sample Grooves. But it sounds like it is sending out audio instead of midi. Try adding an audio track and see if it records the Sample Grooves that way. Also does the Komplete kontrol act as an audio interface or do you have another interface?

Also try to include more info on how you have everything connected and the good people on this forum can help more.

This post should probably be moved to the main forum and would get more views and help.

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