Pianissimo load error

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DJ Housefly
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Pianissimo load error

Post by DJ Housefly » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:22 pm

hi society,

when i load Pianissimo into Mixcraft Pro Studio 6.1 build 213, i get an error saying that there was an error loading Pianissimo sample data.

i only had to install Pianissimo once when installing Mixcraft 5 Pro Studio, i didn't reinstall when i purchased MX6 Pro Studio.

also, the Pianissimo standalone program doesn't work either.

do i try reinstalling Pianissimo? if so, how?

best regards,

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Acoustica Greg
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Re: Pianissimo load error

Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:41 am


This error can occur if there's not enough contiguous RAM for Pianissimo to load, or if Pianissimo can't find it's pianissimo.dat file. Try loading Pianissimo into an empty project. If you get the same error, then it's probably a installation problem. In that case, you can just run the uninstall program for Pianissimo, and then download and install Pianissimo again.


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