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What could be causing the low confined sound?

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:05 pm
by superm64
When I click the piano keys with the mouse I can hear the rich sound of the piano as if it was the real thing.

However when I plug in my keyboard and play through my yamaha dgx520, I don't get that rich full sound. Even when I use the bright piano and use very light on the velocity curve, I still don't get the nice full rich sound.

I had to record a midi through fl studio, export it and then upload it on Pianissimo to get the sound like I wanted it. But the problem is if I do things that way, it doesnt matter how hard or softly I hit the keys. I can get the nice sound but theres no dynamics. And if I use a velocity curve I can get dynamics, but I dont get the beautiful rich sound.

Can anyone tell me what could be causing this?


Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:29 am
by Acoustica Eric
I am not a midi expert, but if you send in a support request, we might be able to help figure it out.