Now we're on to Build 430

This forum is for use by the beta testing team. Team members can use it to discuss testing issues and help squash those elusive bugs.

NOTE: this forum is for beta software only. This is not a support forum for released software.

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Now we're on to Build 430

Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:59 pm

Hi beta team,

If you’ve got an older build, please uninstall it and then download and install build 430. Sorry for the quick turnaround, but we found some bugs in 429 that really needed immediate repair.


1. we're testing Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio, not Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio.
2. use the trial version for testing, we're not issuing registration codes.
3. if you want old plugins like the Classic or Acoustica effects, or Impulse, be sure to choose to install the legacy plugins when you run the installer.
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