Help Im lost

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Help Im lost

Post by » Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:29 pm

Are there any music production courses or schools or certifiable workshops, that teach audio engineering using Acoustica Mixcraft as the daw of choice, translating concepts, from other programs is actually harder than it sounds, Im not looking for user tutorials, I'd like a certificate, im hoping to become a freelance engineer maybe even open my very own recording studio, and this is my daw of choice.. can anyone point me in the right direction

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Re: Help Im lost

Post by aj113 » Wed Oct 20, 2021 11:40 pm

I run a professional studio using Mixcraft. You don't need a certificate, you just need satisfied customers.

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Re: Help Im lost

Post by b3player » Fri Oct 22, 2021 7:18 am

Hey C,
You probably don't need to spend a ton of money on school. But you DO need to study. When I was starting I read every interview from the "greats" in Mix mag...pre internet. Then find technical resources about digital theory (get the basics).

So Mixcraft looks fairly similar to Logic which is similar to Pro Tools etc. YOu need to get some time on different platforms to job yourself out. There's much less opportunity these days as all the big studios are pretty much gone and even the labels have reduced budgets. Back in the day bands took months to track. They'd hire a beautiful room, a great engineer, while the label provided the producer (we called them the label mooks).

The new paradigm requires you be fast and know your way around a deep mix. example: Stereo listening space is 3d. You have an X (L, R), Y (height...up down) and Z (depth front to back) axis as you listen to your mix. (note: good speakers, intefaces, mics and pres are important) How you position your mix elements is achieved by compression, levels, EQ, and so on. YOu must know your tools, (there is a reason for $5000 compressors and EQs). But It appears the tools in mixcraft are able to get you 90% of the way.

Mix stuff. Take it to your car. Listen to it for 1/2 hour. What do you hear? Repeat for three years as if it WERE your livelihood. Read. Listen. Watch interviews with the greats. Study gear. You will, as the poster above indicated..."have satisfied customers." Study hard...if you have good ears and passion, you WILL get there.

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