WaveRT latency problems just this week

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WaveRT latency problems just this week

Post by franfran » Sat Oct 23, 2021 3:31 am

Mixcraft 5.
Windows 10.
Focusrite Scarlett solo 3rd Gen.

I have already made a request before but I am working on the subject in parallel. Since one week I can't record correctly on mixcraft audio (guitar, microphone) by my Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen : the sound is out of sync.
I don't use ASIO because I can't hear anything through the PC speakers and when I listen with headphones, there are too many problems, I can't hear the ryhtm box, nor the voices.
Until now I used the WaveRT mode in "sound device" which worked very well. It allows me to record a guitar (I don't need to hear it on headphones) over a rythm box, and then listen through the PC speakers. Here is a screenshot with the settings. I never had any problem since 1 year until this week. Today, the recorded track is shifted.
Would it be possible to fix the problem and prevent these problems of lag and latency of the recorded track?

Thank you; Sincerely.

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Re: WaveRT latency problems just this week

Post by Acoustica Greg » Mon Oct 25, 2021 10:08 am


Your Focusrite is designed to provide its best performance if you are using ASIO and listening to playback through the Focusrite (plug headphones into the Scarlett Solo). If ASIO is not working correctly, double-check that you are using Focusrite's ASIO driver and not ASIO4All or something else. Also, go to Focusrite's web page to download and install the latest driver: https://customer.focusrite.com/en/support/downloads

As to why it stopped working the way you like with WaveRT, what changed on your computer? Did you change any settings in Mixcraft? Did you install some other audio utility?

Are you using WaveRT's Exclusive Mode? Exclusive Mode can allow for lower latency settings, but it also makes it so that you can't play sound outside of Mixcraft while Mixcraft is running.

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